About Us

Established in 1990, Architect Consultants provides full service. Architecture, Interior Design, and Planning Services to a wide rangeof corporate and commercial clients.

Architect consultants has been in business since 1991 and has a roster of top multinational and indian corporate giants , who have availed their premium service.their gallery showcases some of the energetic works happening across the subcontinent . there is much here to surprise and lend an inspirational & provocative design feature . there works speak of the subtle conglomeration of glamour , utility and brand building of corporates.

their portfolio extends from the gritty interiors of research centres for bike manufacturers to the more glitzy outlook of film directors studio in mumbai . from funky think-tanks in corporate set-ups to inspirational branding of it institutes.th
eir works have spread wings across the globe to carry the indian essence to the western world by creating innovative designs for theme resto-bars.

architect consultants is dedicated to world class excellence in architecture & interior design. it is a solid and breezy firm with an innovative outlook that connects ancient culture to contemporary settings & futuristic trends . the firm consists of young , energetic professionals, ready for any challenge and offers equal employement opportunity.
they have recently diversified into construction of premium interiors under their own brand name of uninova innovations private limited.

Whatever design or project you have in mind, even the most extraordinary architectural ideas are to be implemented if you are dealing with real pros like Architect Consultants. Not only do they help you adjust your original picture to the technical scopes and architectural models, but also to scale down the costs and align the budget to your financial capacity. Moreover, if it brings financial pressure anyway, you can always refer to handle temporary issues and proceed with your project. Whatever architectural concept you are relying on, it's hard to foresee all the details, and sometimes, cash advance may appear the optimum solution to cope with small, but urgent money problems.